Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Whimsical Garden Baby Shower


I created this baby shower theme for my cousin who was having her 4th child and who happens to be my 1st god daughter, and she is the CA-UTEST lil baby girl EVER! I know people say that all the time about babies, but seriously, she is the cutest lil girl you would ever meet ;) 

Now for the pictures, we held the event at a cousin's house and transformed her house into the "Whimsical Garden" that you see below.  This theme can be easily created for a little girl's birthday party or a bridal shower.  

Centerpiece close-up 

Personalized Gift Baskets also available...price upon request

 The shower was held in March right around Easter & Spring time, so searching for those extra special details was super easy! 

For more information on this theme, prices or to book your next bash, contact us at labellabash@gmail.com

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