Monday, October 11, 2010

A Mid-night in Abudabi

We had an impromptu birthday dinner party for one of our Bash Babes, Nevi and so we created "A mid-night in Abudabi."  The only things that were purchased was the fabric used to drape around the porch and the flowers, all of the decor was found around the homes.  Enjoy the pictures :) 
(Please excuse the picture quality)

We went around our homes and picked anything that looked "Moroccan" and came up with this lovely impromptu midnight birthday dinner party.  We can definitely picture this as a great dinner party or a romantic dinner for two...maybe while someone "pops the question"...who knows!?!? ;)

Marley's Ice Cream Shoppe 1st Birthday

This weekend was a busy one for the Bash Babes ;) and we couldn't feel more accomplished.  We did an ice cream shoppe 1st birthday at Fisher's Cafe in Hasbrook Heights, NJ.  The owner loved the decor so much, that he's keeping the decor up...yeaaaaaaa :) Enjoy the pics 

Fresh flower sundaes arranged by Bash Babe Vinelly :)

Balloon and pom-pom clusters

Doesn't it look good enough to eat ;)

Custom made birthday banner

Pom-Pom sundaes

It was a long, but nonetheless very accomplished day for the Bash Babes!!  Marley's parents loved the decor  :)

Oh Baby! Erika's Gender Neutral Baby Shower

This weekend we had another gender neutral baby shower and the mom-to-be wanted bright colors with brown.  This is what we came up with.... all items were hand crafted by la bella bash...enjoy the pics :)

Accomplished Bash Babes ;)