Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May 2011- New Beginnings- Graduation Party

Good Afternoon Dolls! 

Keeping in tune with the impromptu events today, I will like to show you another event that we styled for another one of our bash babes, Yolla! After many years of hard work in college our very own was moving on to the real world and we wanted to do something special to honor all of the hard work that she had done. 

The temperature was amazingly warm that we were able to use the gazebo in the backyard. Since our bash babe loves anything colorful we decided to take a hint from out past event  "Midnight in Abudabu" and add a few more touches of color to make it her own.

A closer look at our cake table. 


We loved everything in about this event! We ransacked 3 houses and came up with one great Arabian themed event for our bash babe! 

Once again if you like what we have shown you so far and would like more information and prices, contact us at labellabash@gmail.com or feel free to leave us a comment here!  We would love to hear from you!!!


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