Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Feb 2011- "... these are few of my favorite things..." 30th Birthday

Good Morning Dolls!

One of our favorite parties are the ones that are made up of trinkets that we find around the house. As you can recall a couple of years back when we did our "Mid-Night in Abudabi" birthday dinner party for our bash babe, Nevi. We decided to give it another try with a more vintage feel for our very own bash babe, Vinelly.

A great way to add a personal touch to any party is by adding a banner. As you can see on the top right corner we have made a personalized banner with memorable photos of the birthday girl from youth till present day. 
 Highlighting a specific area, for example the cake table, is a great way to draw the guest attention to a specific area in the room. As you can see on the top left picture, we decided to highlight the cake table by using lighting as well as framed pictures. 

The two top pictures are an overview of the cake and candy buffet tables. 

  One of our favorites, besides the personalized banner are the centerpieces. We rummaged through the house and looked for anything that resembled  vases, as you can see in the picture above in the bottom left amazing centerpieces came out of it. :-) 

Top picture is a close up of the centerpieces. 

Bottom two pictures close up of the cake and candy buffet table. 

Close up of the centerpieces

Close up of the cake table

We had such an amazing time decorating this space and taking a walk down memory lane with our very own bash babe, Vinelly! 

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